About Our Company

Welcome to Peacefully You! We are very excited to help you on your journey to a happier and healthier you...Your Wellness Matters.

As a mom of 8 children, I developed a passion for learning about nutrition, diet and exercise to keep my family healthy. Before I had children, I earned my MBA at Wake Forest University and became the VP of Marketing at a small community bank. My goal is to combine my work skills with my passion for health and wellness to educate and improve other's lives.

I personally discovered the amazing effects that CBD oil can have on one's health. When I stopped drinking alcohol in August of 2017, I was able to focus more on my health and lose 40 pounds through proper diet and exercise. However, I didn't realize that the stress that I used to try and alleviate was actually ANXIETY

After suffering though almost a year of anxiety, I discovered CBD oil and it profoundly changed my life. Within a month of taking the oil, it significantly reduced my anxiety while increasing my self confidence. I became inspired to help others and share what I have learned during my journey.

I also rediscovered my passion for crocheting that I had when I was younger. So when I am not working or hanging out with my kids, you will find me with a crochet needle in hand making items for my company! The best job in life is one where you have fun and don't feel like you are "working". 

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase, we partner with vendors who offer high quality CBD at an affordable price. You can learn more about CBD by clicking on this link. If you have questions, please feel free to send us a message.

Best Wishes,

Julie Swan